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Just for fun, I put together a bunch of my old songs that I'm fond of, spanning from 2012 to early 2014. (As of when this was posted, some of these were made just over a year ago, which is totally nuts.)
Chances are none of my viewers remember any of these, which is just as well. I've come a long way since then.

In retrospect, I have no regrets. (Maybe one or two) Just don't take anything too seriously, alright?


released November 25, 2015




TECHNO CLOVE Mc Minnville, Oregon

I made a hobby of playing around with Logic on my laptop. Very inconsistent stuff-- usually whatever I feel like making at the time.

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Track Name: Dream Hunting
smother the flame
this is what it became
take it by the neck
choke until theres nothing left

so many colors
but none describe this place
im runnin round in circles
im stuck without a face

back at the beginning before i beat the boss
im runnin round around out of? control because im lost
i dont know where to go VERtigo yes or no
and its still stuck on replay playing OVER AND OVER

never change
nnnothing stays the same
nothing strange
dodododont be afraid

too many monsters
that claw me as I sleep
running fASTER faster
but im still not in a dream

i love to feel their presence
it makes me feel at home
but theyre not always there and no one understands
and forEVER i rOAM

(First and second verses layered)

(whispering dramatically and out of tune) I want to feel
i want to feel like i should scream
Track Name: Good For Nothing Brute
good for nothing brute

I thought I knew what life was for
Now I'm not sure anymore
i tried to make a barricade
but now it haunts me everyday

The walls are cracking more and more
the hate is tearing to my core
for all this time i've been alone
and now I'm turning into stone

If hatred is all this world knows
then i dont know where to go
hostility is one big hole
the more u dig the more it grows

together we are all alone
we alienate just for show
is there a difference between friend and foe
it builds up then it overflows

this feeling that we hide
it claws through our soul
we want to keep it inside
so we try to control
but it builds up inside ur heart
until ur body grows numb
u can't feel it tear u apart
and this is what u become
Track Name: Stones and Fire
if a fire burns
then theres still a source a light
if the gyre turns
then u better hold tight

theres a bright light in the distance
but ur locked up in a cage
so u try to stop and listen
but theres no hope of escape
ur fighting back the tears
time and time again
but ur choking on ur fears
and u wish to feel the tears instead

im turning into stone
im losing control
maybe finding too much
i really dont know
please tell me why
why this feeling inside
why i feel so cold
why it had to die

it tears u up inside
so u overcome the pain
but strength comes with a price
and ull never be the same
once u lose ur soul
u can never get it back
would u trade ur life for stone
just to repair all the cracks
Track Name: Blurred
Track Name: All it Takes
new desires
new opinions
a brand new outlook
so long was hidden
feeling things
i never knew were real
i want to see
i want to feel

it's like
the fog has lifted
and i
can see my mistake
(awkwardly long silence)
a chance
of perspective
is all it takes
Track Name: Scruffy
Fluffy little scruffy dog
Track Name: Don't Look Back
I thought i found the answer, but I can't remember it
And now I find I'm back where I began
I turn around, and see u standing there
And u look as though u understand

If I come back as someone else, don't let ur life decay
Cherish every moment, or it fades away
Don't spend ur life waiting
For a better day

Don't Look Back, Don't Look Back

When I can't feel the way I felt
Just hold on to the memory
I'll search forever in my heart
But please don't rely on what used to be

Please don't make me ask u twice
Next time I may not be so nice
But though I may not be the same
Because of u I am forever changed

Don't Look Back,
Don't look back,
Don't look back,
Just run

I thought I found the answer
But now I'm back where I began
There's Just one thing that I need u to do
Don't look back

And I know it's not fair
To leave u all alone
But don't worry
I'll be back soon

When I'm gone,
Don't look Back

I'll see u soon, so please don't cry
The me u see is still inside
I'll rescue u from time to time
If all by chance

I won't forget the time we've shared
And I know, It's just not fair
But all I ask is just keep moving
And don't look back

I'll See u soon
I'll find u
Track Name: The Scientific Method
up down
this line is so straight
linear physics
still cant relate
i prefer the loops over simple lines
but i cant see thru this fog is wasting time

dont pretend its easy to make a wild guess
its hard to fit the pieces if they dont make any sense
Track Name: What the Hell
what am i doing
theres nothing here for me
im running round and around again
hunting dreams and making friends

im not sure what im doing
but it seems to turn out fine
except for when it falls apart
in that case its not alright
but we are

working hard to make things right
taking chances wasting time
doing things that we dont understand

but who really cares if we get it or not
that just means it takes a load of thought
and in time
things may actually go
as we had planned

what the hell is going on
is it all in my head or has something gone wrong~
am i insane i dont know why
is it okay if nothing happens right

what the hell is going on
is it all in my head or has something gone wrong~
why cant i answer this
i dont know i dont know

im always looking for a place full of my friends
the ones who always listen
the friends inside my head
but sometimes i cant find them
and i want to get them back
but they took my reason in their stride
and the colors fade to black

but sometimes i fail
to make anything that matters
but i keep on trying just because i can
Track Name: Hold on Tight
in the center of the mind u may find
a subconscious grand design
but youll NEver know unless you lEt it go
so sit back and enjoy the ride

u never know u never know
what can u do
u never know u never know
nor expEct what u thOught u knew
this world is full of things that dont make sense
(but dont pretend) tie up the ends
of time and space and mayeb someday u will face
what u had to find all along

hold on tight
this isnt right
the flames igniITE


deep under conscious thought
u may not know What You've Got.
u may nOT be who. u thOUght u knew.
u were...

(sweetly) nothing lasts forever
i kno ive said it all before
but as long as u dont forget
u may find it once more

(layered on top of chorus) ..hold on tight
to this memory
foreveRR is nOT SO lo-ong

how does it feel
to be alive
fan the fuhla-yms

forGOTten friends may be long gone
but the tale wont end it keeps MovIng On
if you Dont forget they will Never Die
forever here until the End of Time

hold on tight
this isnt right
the flames ignIght (ight)
Track Name: These Broken Pieces
waiting for anything to bring back what ive lost
but taking this for granted comes at much to high a cost
i wanna remember how it Felt To Be Alive
but nothing lasts forever
i shoulda known this had to Die

(suspensefully)i dont wanna change
i dont wanna forget
im not gonna let this disappear
i wont put this thing to rest

(with soul) ill take these broken pieces
and ill saturate the gray
i Dont care if it /kills/ me
i will Not let this Decay!

the edges pierce my skin
and the truth is running cold~
this is where it will begin
this is how i break The Mold
Track Name: Overflow
(quietly yet powerfully) they found
a message from the past?
but they know theyre not the last

the tale? of a wandering broken soul
dont let it take you over
the tide comes in to wash away
the footprints in the sand~

you tRY ^to break free^ from the (shackles)
but dont be sure enough (non-verbal singing in background)
theres not enough time
to save whats still inside.... (ah)

this empty room is full-
swiftly forego! Don't let it go! Silently null...
losing cont ROL
overflow! overflow! overflow!

they bound ..
...the ropes that held the crypt
.not a single sound~..
..escaped their solemn lips

the Silence echoes, ringing deep (??)
you know its not yet, Over
.theres nothing left for you to say
nothing left to under Sta(and)

(sweetly) this empty room is full
dont let it go
losing control
overflow overflow over.flow..
Track Name: Got This Far
(bitcrushed and indiscernible) this feels so cold
where to go
i dont know
even though it goes back
life may. change you

(falsetto) remember all the fa^ces^
of those u kept so close
all this time...
dont forget all the places uve been
where u taped these broken pieces
one last time

(repeat with sick beat)

(coldly)people come and people go
u can wait until it snows
forgotten ending no one knows
cause errybody lost it
please dont please dont let it go
please just wait until it snows
please dont let it fade away
cause evrybody forgot it

i know its hard
but dont let it keep you from being
Who You Are~
dont let them hurt u
u are the only one who
got. this. far
Track Name: My Artificial Town
the cycle starts, open your eyes (oh)
shut down the heart another Dies
the cycle begins again

how does it feel to be an entity
you are the only you that will ever be

i Built this place from lines of code
but the analog is running slow
the internal clock is running out of time
and the system will overload...

...a fatal error has been found
in my artificial town
to repair What I Have Broken
imust P o ^w e r d o w n

(pause).. DOnt forget
istill wA~N~T~. to pretend
s o o n it w i l l rel o a d ag a i n~~

shut down the core and analyze (woah)
if theres an er-rror improvise (woah)

decisions made by 1 and 0
programmed in your brain with binary code

base the frame with idea
then duplicate continuum
dna replicate calculate recreate
animate the simulation

theresa small miscalculation
in my Ar ti ficial town
imust pre-pare renovation
letit p o w er d o w n

,,and my friend,,
its okA~y to pretend,
iwill n e~v e r let,
the c y~c l e e~n d
Track Name: BEWARE
beware (Beware)
.....uuuaaaagahh i am the box ghost (Ghost)

hm, that's funny
someone turned the mountain upside down



Who said that??



the kRUStomer

The KrUstomer (who said that) (x2)